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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Honestly I don't understand why some people see TDKR as terrible when they see the first two movies as good(was it really vastly different?). I mean at the very least I understand it not being a favorite. Personally I though it was the best because I really felt that Bruce in TDK kinda took a back seat to Batman who took a back seat to Gordon and Dent. I think it's the perfect ending to a three course meal.

I don't think it was safe. They just didn't kill someone close to Bruce. They didn't need to. The man has experienced loss.

I also feel that some people are trying hard to hate this movie. Some seem convinced that Batman can't have a happy ending. He must die being Batman. No he doesn't and at the very least this is an elseworld.

To go back to the original post. No you aren't. I'm sorta not one of those people. I feel TDKR makes Nolans first near perfect trilogy. It certainly is not the end all be all Batman series though. I'm a fan of the Batman who mixes it up with the JL. When they get that trilogy going, then we can talk about the perfect Batman trilogy.


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