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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do


I think I would have went with Maggie from the start. I actually believed that she was capable of doing Rachael job. Holmes kinda seemed *****y and too pretty/young. Of course for Begins I wasn't fond of Rachel at all. But I enjoyed Rachael in the sequel.

So I guess in hindsight I would have kept Rachel but made her just a friend and brought Harvey into begins so we could become more connected.

I wouldn't kill Ra's.(He would actually survive and be seen heavily injured in the third though and his death would spurn Miranda/Talia midway through the film).

I guess I would throw in Talia and get the energy project thing happening earlier.

The 8 year gap(probably make it 4) I was fine with except a lot of plot seemed to happen that could have been hinted at in TDK.
Scarecrow would have had a bigger role of course. Him mixing it up with all the baddies could have given us perspective.

Now the biggest thing I would change is the suit. The Bat symbol needs to be bigger and it needs to pop out. This can be done by simply changing the material. The symbol should be clear as day because it's his symbol.
Also I may have brought back the old suit for the final fight just to kinda show that Bruce doesn't even need the latest toys to take down Bane. A kind of going back to basics approach.


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