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Default Re: One Earth: The Marvel/DC RPG

Two Hours Ago

The mirrored wall of the disco smashed into hundreds of shards as I drove the thug's head into it. Holding him by his gray hair, I jerked his bloody face from the glass and held it close to my own.

"The clown. The one who bombed city hall. Where is he?!"

"I don't know!" The bloody man pleaded. "All I know is rumor I heard. Jimmy the Knee supposedly sold him some guns!"

One Hour Ago

Jimmy "The Knee" Knoller was hanging from twenty stories above the pavement. Vomit stained his forehead and hair.

"Wow," Black Cat said with a click of her tongue. "Never seen a man vomit upside down before. Somehow, it's worse than seeing it right side up."

"Did you sell the Joker guns?"

"Not directly!" The Knee said weakly. "I sold 'em through a third party okay. Johnny the Shin!"

"Johnny the Shin? Hopefully we run out of body parts before we get to Nicky the Spleen..."

Thirty Minutes Ago

"All I know is that he was set up in a house."

"Give me a name!"

"Nicky the Spleen!"


Conrad Downs

The door lurched underneath my boot. The hinges snapped and the door fell to the ground. I stepped over the fallen door into the house. I activated the scanners inside my cowl and let them go to work.

Detected: Molecular trace amounts of trinitrotoluene, cordite, dried blood spatter detected on seventeen different surfaces.

He's been here for some time. Doing things I don't want to imagine. I march forward into the house while I hope my ally keeps her word and does her job.

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