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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
That's a really good point. For a while I've held the opinion that Thanos would be overshadowing GoTG and then get directly involved in things right at the end of Avengers 2--after some other threat was dealt with by the final act. After remembering/realizing that a lot of the movie business is marketing, I think you're absolutely right and they'll advertise the fact that Thanos is in GoTG to the GA. Feige has already pretty much confirmed that Thanos is in both GoTG and Avengers 2 to the fans so we definitely have to factor that in.
I still think a fully powered Thanos may be too much for the team to take on in Avengers 2. I now really think he could be a major part of GoTG, but maybe he's not as big a part of Avengers 2 as we're thinking.

He'll definitely be in it no doubt. But unless they do add some characters to the team before then, I don't think he'll have the infinity gauntlet or gems or anything. He may even be too powerful to take on even without the Gauntlet, but we could see characters added and abilities slightly expanded by then. You never know. If they're doing Infinity gauntlet they'd start setting it up soon, and not just rush towards it right after GoTG. So I really think we'll know more after this movie. They may have the time to do that, but I'm still thinking Thanos will be a presence all the way through the series until Avengers 3, when it's time for the final showdown and all the powerful characters can join in the final battle of the movie to challenge Thanos.

I totally agree that Thanos won't be in this movie but I'm pretty sure "The Other" is in the Bourne woods scenes. So it does seem like Thanos's minion may be involved. Either punishing Loki or doing something else.
I don't think thanos will have the IG either. Though he is confirmed for guardians.

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