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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

For me it was completely a "safe" movie. I always love on the messageboards how it becomes so personal to people to attack other's posts. "Whoever thinks its safe is kidding themselves'. The question was asked whether anyone feels like tdkr prevents the trilogy from being perfect, which I answered. I could go on like many posters and describe in detail why I feel like the film was a bloated debacle, but what's the point. If some people think that this film was the Second Coming, that's entirely their opinion and nothing I say will change their mind. Same goes for others claims of this movie being ambitious will change my mind. I will say this, and I could be wrong. I dont' remember the other 2 previous films being this fiercly debated on messageboards and met with mixed feelings by critics. The countless threads in this forum speak to the division that this movie has caused. I'm a huge Nolan fan, and a gigantic fan of the first 2 films, so its not about me "wanting to hate" the third film. I was wanting it to succeed more then anyone and in my opinion it didn't.

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