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Default Re: New characters you want to see in the First Class sequel?

Originally Posted by Phoenix_Flare View Post
it makes me wonder if they really are going to cast a young, Scott, Jean, or Ororo. I have a feeling that the time (mind) traveler is going to be one of the X-Men from Singer's films, pre X3. I have a feeling that Xavier, by mistake is killed instead of the "political" target and w/no one to fight for mutant rights, the dream "dies" w/Xavier and whoever that X-Man that goes back to the past will be happy to see him alive, and X will read his mind, like he did Emma's, and see the future. The only way I see this film having any impact/heart is if they bring back one of the original 3 and re-cast that character as a show the audience how much Xavier meant to the team and mutant rights
They can't keep killing Xavier though. That would just be...for lack of term...overkill!

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