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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
The thing to remember (as I said before) is that she won't be flying around on missions.She'll just be wearing it to protect herself.I don't see it as being ridiculous,and I don't see her suddenly becoming a superhero.
Why not? That's *exactly* what she becomes in the comics with the Rescue armor. Pepper is now a cyborg superheroine, with electromagnetic superpowers and super-strength, she's part of the Fifty States Initiative, she flies around on superhero missions, and she even has Tony's damn arc reactor in her chest, complete with shrapnel surrounding her heart.

She's "Iron Woman," for all intents and practical purposes, and that's a very douche-y thing to do --- something you'd see in Silver Age DC Comics, where they just tacked "Woman/Girl" or "Boy/Kid" onto an existing popular superhero to create a "new" character instead of taking the time to build a brand new superhero/ine from the ground up.


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