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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Feige confirmed back in May that Thanos WILL NOT be in Thor 2.
Feige also said there would be no Chitauri in The Avengers, when asked directly about it.

As an aside, I just noticed this. he says a "major new villain" - Malekith

and "a major major new antagonist..."

Hm... that would seem to be pointing to two different things. Antagonist is typically a description used of a character that isn't necessarily a villain per se, but an adversary of the protagonist of a story who struggles against and/or competes with them. IE: Asgardians VS Vanir in the myths. Not so much evil villains, but more grey multi layered antagonists.
Neither Malekith nor the Vanir would even remotely qualify as "major" villains/antagonists. Malekith is a very minor Thor character, whose only import in the comics is as the "herald" for Surtur in the Twilight Sword saga. The Vanir are almost nonexistent in the pages of Thor comics, and certainly wouldn't be considered "villains."

The "major" new villain/antagonist (one and the same; Feige isn't talking about two different things here, just reiterating his previous sentence) has most likely not even been introduced into the plot synopsis/set descriptions we have so far....that much I'll agree with you about. But Surtur seems by and large the safest bet to fulfill that role, based on what we know of the Twilight Sword saga that this movie is clearly based on.

Or maybe Chthon, if the theory that "The Other" is Chthon plays out.

So you expect me to believe that these guys were just sucked in from whatever the heck they were doing through wormholes, then dropped off all together on Asgard, and they just right off the bat decide to band together and attack the Asgardians and get Loki for Thanos? Riiiiiiiiighht. That is completely off the wall implausible, for one thing they aren't even going to speak the same language, and that's for beginners.
Yeah --- just as implausible as an army of alien Chitauri loyally following some Asgardian outcast they don't share anything in common with. Or some magic sceptre being able to seize the minds of whole hordes of people from another planet.

and speaking of the timetravel thing, I mean, that would open a HUGE can of worms to open in the MCU. They have enough to deal with and keep straight. I cannot imagine that rumor is going to end up being true. That will make everything SO MUCH more complicated and confusing, and it already is complicated and has potential to become very confusing with all the different characters and powers and such.
Yes, time travel will open up a huge can of worms. Just as it does in the comics. But the writing is on the's hard to ignore the increasing evidence that time travel plays a part in TDW.

see what I said above. Thanos will NOT be in this movie. This movie will be about THOR's world not GOTG and Avengers worlds.

The "marauders" are random and Thanos is an Avengers villain, much less of a Thor villain. This movie is about Thor's world, not the Avengers world, as Feige and others keep telling us. And again Feige has confirmed Thanos will NOT be in Thor 2. (see above quotes again)
Thanos might not be in this movie; but there's a very good chance that The Other might, acting on Thanos' behalf.

You can dislike it all you want, but the fact remains that Thanos and The Other ARE "Thor's world" now. Yes, it's not canonical to the comics, but the MCU has linked Thanos intimately with Loki, and the Mad Titan is now just as much a part of Thor's cinematic mythos as the Asgardians, Dark Elves, and the rest of them.


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