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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
I have to disagree to some degree here. They could have easily sent the same message without all of the time passing. I feel like all of that was specifically for Bruce's torture, mainly due to them setting up shop in Bane's jail, and adding to the fact that they had the detonator the entire time. If they wanted to see Gotham get destroyed, they would have done it, without all of the hoopla of Bruce's capture. I mean, 1-2 weeks, maybe I could see it as having their cake and eating it too, but for how much time they let Bruce stay in the prison, it seemed clear what they were doing.

Or maybe, it could just be put to bad writing, which, I think may just be the case here. This movie isn't nearly as tight as ANY of Nolan's other movies. But alas, the debate will continue.....
I will say that I think getting Bruce off the island played a functional role in their plan. Obviously keeping him alive and throwing him in the Pit was blatantly to torment his soul, but it does make sense that they didn't move forward with their plan until Bruce was out of the picture and there was no chance for him to interfere.

Granted, yes, they had the classic villain Achilles' Heel of being too overconfident in their plan, and were possibly wanting to revel in the reshaping of Gotham's society to their ideals, and in projecting those ideals to the world. People say that Bane and Talia didn't ultimately care about the revolution, but then I have to wonder why even go through with it all, the kangaroo courts, etc. Bane already had the the US government and its allies by the balls after the stadium attack. Gotham could have just been living in utter chaos and panic for months, not knowing who the triggerman was. This surely could have sufficed as Bruce's torture, no? It only leads me to believe Bane and Talia believed in the revolution as much as they did in fulfilling Ra's' destiny (aka destroying Gotham).

Another interesting thing to consider is, were they were even counting on him returning as Batman in the first place? After 8 years, 3 of which he was a total recluse with a limp, you'd think that would have been nearly impossible to predict. My current theory is that they didn't have any special plans for Bruce (other than making him suffer just like every other one of Gotham's wealthy) until the moment he returned as Batman and showed off his brand new toy (the Bat). Once that happened, getting him off the island would become priority number 1. In the Miranda-Bruce love scene, she even tries to tempt him with her jet, saying they can go anywhere. I'll bet if he had taken her up on the offer, he'd have been on the next express flight to Deshi-Basaraville. Again that is all just some random musing on my part...throwing it out there to see if anyone wondered the same.

I will concede that the convenient-ness of them waiting so long when they're a button push away from achieving their ultimate goal could seem like lazy writing, but I suppose I don't mind it so much because I find it compelling.

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
BatLobster, I like you. We disagree with a lot of stuff, but that's ok with me, I still like your posts. You never get out of hand. Keep it up.
Thanks brother. Same here. Criticism doesn't bother me, I enjoy thinking about and discussing the film and sometimes a well-articulated piece of criticism sparks a good talking point. Minds are rarely changed on here, but even if we both walk away from the debate even further convinced of our own position...well, as long as we're keepin' it civil, it can still be a rewarding enough exercise.

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