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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

If the bomb didn't have the ability to decay what would they do?

Would they still have a set date for detonation? Or would they just detonate it when they thought Gotham was ready to be destroyed?

I guess under the movies circumstances, Talia and Bane just adopted 5 months as the appropriate time for simplicity's sake ("five months is when the bomb decays? Sure, that'll be our torture time"). And when Bruce returned, they only held off detonating it because Talia wanted to pwn Bruce personally (and Bane probably wanted to prove himself by beating Bats again. I mean he Was looking for him in the crowd, no gun or anything, just like before)


One thing I'm confused about however:

We know Talia feels revenge on a personal level, and Bane feels a need to honour Ra's, but on the surface level, what is it that the League officially states as their reasoning? is it:

A: their idea of justice? For the corrupt, a slow death is deserved? "Justice is balance"?

B: their idea of justice against Bruce? Revenge against he who betrayed them, stood in the way of true justice and killed their leader. Poisoning Gotham's souls is only for the sake of torturing Bruce.

or C: their idea of sending a message to the western world?

Is it several of these?

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