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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Just some pictures of interest with those going along with the Asgardians/Vanir/Nornheim idea about the fights in the Bourne woods. In spoiler buttons just because size of pictures.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Guys in red armor fighting Thor and Sif. Guy with Dredlocks fighting Asgardian on the left, and guy with headband in blue is most definitely fighting guy in red armor on the right.

look directly above guy on white horse and you will see Asgardian battling another guy with similar helmet and horns to the guys on the horses.

Thor stomping guy in green, appears to have armor/helmet on head.

You have to zoom in a bit on this one, upper left, bald guy by hut is readying sword for oncoming guy with helmet. Center: guy with blue clothes and headband is fighting guy with horned helmet.

Center, another shot of Asgardian vs guy with horned helmet. Just behind him but to the left, guy in blue with headband is fighting another guy with horned helmet. To the right, Asgardian and horned helmet guy readying for battle? Further left, horned helmet guy menacing and holding a couple civilians hostage?

Towards the back Sif and Thor fighting guys in armor (1 with horned helmet), in front of that, Asgardian is attacking another guy, while another Asgardian kneels down to check on someone or possibly is falling on someone on the ground.

Guy with gun and dreadlocks is leaving the scene ???

So... like I said, BIG melee LOL, and the guys with the headbands are definitely fighting the guys with armor and helmets. And the Asgardians are definitely fighting the guys with the armor and helmets.

The guys with dreadlocks, bald guys with little or no armor, and the demons, I'm not as certain about, but I am leaning towards most being among the collection of characters on Nornheim (along with the guys with the headbands & red on their heads) and the armored guys are the invaders (which would make sense why they are so well armored up, and others are not).

And my thought is that Nornheim and Vanir are fighting and *neither* of these like the Asgardians, so when the Asgardians come to break it up they have to fight both (although I've yet to find an Asgardian fighting a guy with headband)

Hopefully most if not all these pictures will come up.

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