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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
Just gotta say, the worst form of posting is simply quoting long ass posts and saying "QFT." What a waste of a page, and what a meaningless addition to a conversation.

And back on topic, honestly each movie has its own small issues. Ie, the pacing in TDK after the hospital is distracting to me, as that feels like a climax and then we get a whole other sequence on the boats that to me just feels long as hell. Doesn't ruin the film at all, just a personal preference. I never felt this kind of thing in TDKR. Basically I'm saying there is pretty much no such thing as a perfect film, and this trilogy never was going to be perfect from a cinematic standpoint, but goddamn, it's still gotta be the best trilogy I've ever experienced and the perfect Batman/Bruce Wayne experience.
QF...I meeeaaaan, I agree with what you're saying here. Nicely done.

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
...Not gonna say it....not gonna say it...

Annnyhow....nah, TDKR definitely isn't what's preventing this trilogy from being perfect.

The "okay that's NAHT good!" guy in TDK is.

Originally Posted by Deserana View Post
I think I'm the only one who actually liked the 8 year gap as for me this was never a Bruce that seemed devoted to doing this for his whole life. His parents were his motivation still but it always seemed that if there was a way out he'd take it. Just look at TDK as soon as Harvey stood up he was ready to step down.

Unless I'm remembering it wrong when Bruce is asked how long he wants to do this for he says "As long as I have to" (I think that is in the film) so that clearly isn't a man who wants to do this forever. You also have Dent in TDK saying "The Batman doesn't want to do this for the rest of his life how could he? He is looking for someone to take up his mantle." then in TDKR he found that in Blake and then Bruce moved on.

The 8 year gap seemed logical to me yes it may seem like Bruce was barely Batman but he still made a mark on this Gotham. The actions of TDKR were exactly the same IMO and not out of characater. I've seen people say he takes an 8 year gap because of Rachel! He didn't. There was no need for him to be Batman. I've seen people say that Batman should still be fighting small crime. Nolan's Batman has never been shown doing that he has only attacked some sort of organised crime. And people have said Batman would never quit. Nolan's Bruce was never devoted to Batman it seemed more like a period of his life he wanted to get past.

Nolan isn't claiming to make thee definitive Batman. It was just another take on the character. I have issues with TDKR but Bruce was not one of them I thought his arc was perfect and entirely in line with the previous two films.
Nicely pointed out. Count me among those who didn't have a problem with the 8 year gap, though I would've liked for Bruce to have been Batman for one or two years during that period considering it was a rather long one.

Originally Posted by Chip Chipperson View Post
The Academy Award winning DC Extended Universe

The mouse is dead. Bury it. Consider this mercy.'s Bat Battle:

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