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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
I have to disagree to some degree here. They could have easily sent the same message without all of the time passing. I feel like all of that was specifically for Bruce's torture, mainly due to them setting up shop in Bane's jail, and adding to the fact that they had the detonator the entire time. If they wanted to see Gotham get destroyed, they would have done it, without all of the hoopla of Bruce's capture. I mean, 1-2 weeks, maybe I could see it as having their cake and eating it too, but for how much time they let Bruce stay in the prison, it seemed clear what they were doing.

Or maybe, it could just be put to bad writing, which, I think may just be the case here. This movie isn't nearly as tight as ANY of Nolan's other movies. But alas, the debate will continue.....
I agree. The only reason the siege lasted 5 months was to give Bruce ample time to come to terms with his inner demons, recover from his injury, and get in shape again. That's it.

The LOS plan could have been done and dusted in mere weeks.

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