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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I just noticed this which may be of interest to the story...
To rescue Lorelei, Thor went to the English Cotswolds, where stood the faerie castle that serves as a nexus between Earth and the other dimensional faerie realm of Svartalfheim.
That's where that note is! I had read it a while back, and then later couldn't dig it up again. I had been wondering if they would use Stonehenge instead of the faerie castle mentioned above to get to Svartalfheim. Thinking about it some more, Greenwich University could stand in for the castle.

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Also, one thing that's been bothering me about the armored helmeted dudes on the attack here, is such variation there. Some really look like they have the Viking influence with the horns, and others not so much (such as the red armor guys). I am wondering now if perhaps Malekith and the Dark Elves team up with the Vanir, to attack Asgard, starting with Nornheim (possibly to get their hands on the 3 Norns?), and so the Viking looking guys on horses are the Vanir, and the other odder looking armored guys are Dark Elves who must cover up completely due to not being able to be out in the sun without turning to stone/burning (as I proposed earlier, based on the myths). So the guy I was wondering about in the Kurse thread a while back, could actually wind up being Algrim in a full armor, as we were once considering. I still feel like I see an outline of a skull on his chest. And maybe while that is going on Malekith and more Dark Elves are attacking Odin's palace/elsewhere.
I feel obligated to pick a historical nit: actual Vikings did not incorporate horns into their helmets. That said, those guys with the horned helmets do look like they have design elements that are in the same general vein as Vikings and Aesir.

To flesh it out: what is the Vanir's beef with Asgard? If they currently have trade pact, what does it benefit them by teaming up with the Dark Elves? (ie, what is their motivation?)

Regarding the Norn, I have the impression that they are like oracles. They merely inform of what will come to pass. They don't directly control or influence events. So I'm not certain what the objective would be in capturing them.

I agree that likely another attack is going on. Maybe this attack is to draw off the main army.

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