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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I just noticed this which may be of interest to the story...

Also, one thing that's been bothering me about the armored helmeted dudes on the attack here, is such variation there. Some really look like they have the Viking influence with the horns, and others not so much (such as the red armor guys). I am wondering now if perhaps Malekith and the Dark Elves team up with the Vanir, to attack Asgard, starting with Nornheim (possibly to get their hands on the 3 Norns?), and so the Viking looking guys on horses are the Vanir, and the other odder looking armored guys are Dark Elves who must cover up completely due to not being able to be out in the sun without turning to stone/burning (as I proposed earlier, based on the myths). So the guy I was wondering about in the Kurse thread a while back, could actually wind up being Algrim in a full armor, as we were once considering. I still feel like I see an outline of a skull on his chest. And maybe while that is going on Malekith and more Dark Elves are attacking Odin's palace/elsewhere.
the thing with that though, 1 Kurse is huge. I doubt very much Kurse will be like that. Cause strength and durability is what he's got going for him. He dwarfs Hulk in strength, and sure, he may not be THAT strong in the MCU, but he is going to be hella strong. And a man smaller than Chris being THAT strong, in terms of pace with the MCU, it may be a bit hard to see that. So I still think Kurse is gonna be big. Not as big as Hulk, but big.

This guy doesn't resemble kurse at all, unless he is algrim, but he just doesn't resemble him, I would figure they would atleast try to work the horns in.

And the big thing. That design on his chest, I've seen it on other characters in this army. Other people who have similar armour on, have that design on the chest, so I think it is safe to say this probably isn't Kurse.

I don't care how over the top he looks in the comics, I think designing him in the MCU exactly like he is in the comics (except have the colors be a bit darker) I think that would look awesome and fit right into this world

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