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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
That's where that note is! I had read it a while back, and then later couldn't dig it up again. I had been wondering if they would use Stonehenge instead of the faerie castle mentioned above to get to Svartalfheim. Thinking about it some more, Greenwich University could stand in for the castle.
Yes. I was thinking one of those sites could do that there.

I feel obligated to pick a historical nit: actual Vikings did not incorporate horns into their helmets. That said, those guys with the horned helmets do look like they have design elements that are in the same general vein as Vikings and Aesir.
Fair enough, was thinking I'd only ever seen Vikings with horns on their heads in film etc, never seen an actual Viking in person though. LOL

To flesh it out: what is the Vanir's beef with Asgard? If they currently have trade pact, what does it benefit them by teaming up with the Dark Elves? (ie, what is their motivation?)
Again if they (or at least their head man) is sick of letting the Asgardians be in charge and see an opportunity for more power, then that is certainly enough reason for this. From what I can tell from the myths the Asgardians have a history of screwing the Vanir over (such as when they came to a peace treaty and traded people/hostages. The Vanir were so annoyed with who they got in return they cut one guy's head off and sent it back to Odin), so it may be a very very uneasy truce with the Vanir.

Regarding the Norn, I have the impression that they are like oracles. They merely inform of what will come to pass. They don't directly control or influence events. So I'm not certain what the objective would be in capturing them.
I would think the one who is responsible for predicting the future may be of interest to them. Past and present may also be able to reveal things that would help them in their goal for more power over the 9 realms.

I agree that likely another attack is going on. Maybe this attack is to draw off the main army.
Very possibly.

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
the thing with that though, 1 Kurse is huge. I doubt very much Kurse will be like that. Cause strength and durability is what he's got going for him. He dwarfs Hulk in strength, and sure, he may not be THAT strong in the MCU, but he is going to be hella strong. And a man smaller than Chris being THAT strong, in terms of pace with the MCU, it may be a bit hard to see that. So I still think Kurse is gonna be big. Not as big as Hulk, but big.

This guy doesn't resemble kurse at all, unless he is algrim, but he just doesn't resemble him, I would figure they would atleast try to work the horns in.

And the big thing. That design on his chest, I've seen it on other characters in this army. Other people who have similar armour on, have that design on the chest, so I think it is safe to say this probably isn't Kurse.

I don't care how over the top he looks in the comics, I think designing him in the MCU exactly like he is in the comics (except have the colors be a bit darker) I think that would look awesome and fit right into this world
I'm saying he may be ALgrim there, not Kurse, in a fight early on, the elves have to cover up here because they can't be exposed to sunlight. The other stuff on Earth where they are out in sunlight, we are hypothesizing that Malekith may have done something to make it safe for the Elves there, made the world dark for them (and I think sam mentioned that they do film stuff in daylight and sometimes use a different lens to make it night, or could CGI in the sky to make it darker or whatever effect they are going for). But maybe he's not I just thought that it was a possibility that the Elves are working with the Vanir here, possibly to help create a distraction and draw the Asgardian army away from the palace where another attack will take place. And again that goes along with possible motivation for the Vanir to act, if Malekith comes in (with Surtur's instruction possibly) and sort of eggs them on that now is the time to oust the Asgardians from power.

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