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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Paradox1 View Post
I agree count vertigo?! who gives a ****.
Then who gives a **** about Joker? Who gives a **** about Lex Luthor? Hell, who gives a **** about Bane and his venom usage? Why is it that only the big two should be treated with respect for the source material while fans are ashamed of the rest of DC? I don't like bringing up Marvel vs DC (Especially as a bigger DC fan) but it's easy to see why DC's other characters can't get off the ground with this kind of thinking. There's this implication that there's something embarassing and wrong with the rest of the DC universe that desperately needs changing and gives us crap like the new 52 and 500 different Crises so they can call a mulligan and have a do-over.

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