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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Um, okay? You make the solo movies to develop our heroes and their worlds and move things forward. You make the solo movies because there are stories worth telling; that doesn't preclude them from building off Avengers a bit, and building into the next Avengers a bit

The movies can stand on their own while also working as pieces of a larger narrative. Which is kind of, y'know, what they've been doing. And is the entire point of the shared franchise idea.

Avengers didn't make 1.5B cause it was called THE AVENGERS. Avengers made 1.5B cause they built up all of the individual pieces and story threads beforehand, and made Avengers the big event. That their next four movies are the next chapters in the lives of Tony, Thor, Cap and Thanos pretty much tells you they aren't planning on changing that (successful) formula.

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