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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread - Part 4

Vertigo is one of Arrow's top rogues. Right up there with Merlyn and, to some degree, Deathstroke. Vertigo HAS fought Batman and was actually a challenge for him. Vertigo even showed up in "Batman: The Animated Series" as well as "The Batman" and gave Batman a run for his money. Either you're having fun with me or you know jack squat about Count Vertigo and you're going by a synopsis of a wikipedia article. Vertigo is faaar from Killer Moth territory. Hell, Vertigo is far from Firefly territory. Just because a character isn't super popular doesn't mean he or she sucks. What does he need? Hot Topic merchandise?

"Why are you trying to kill my kid?! You know what? I don't care. You got some beef with him or me? Whatever. You trying to start a rogues gallery of some sort? I ain't got half as much patience as Batman or The Flash. If he do you." - Green Arrow
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