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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by mr. peasant View Post
I agree that this version of Count Vertigo is something of a wasted opportunity. By virtue of him being a foreign aristocrat, one would have thought that it would be the perfect opportunity for the show to feature a villain who abuses his diplomatic immunity to get away with running some shady businesses; which would work really well given Arrow's tone, theme and plot.

In my opinion, Vertigo's superpowers really come secondary in terms of defining his identity.
EXACTLY! I'm thinking that maybe this will be the twist they throw in when Arrow tries to have him arrested. That would actually be pretty cool. My only issue with the powers is "How is he going to use this in a fight?" In other interpretations his vertigo powers result in Ollie having trouble aiming and losing his primary weapon against this guy. Here he'd pretty much have to roofy him unless the drug is in some kind of aerosol form, in which case the Scarecrow comparisons are valid.

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