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Default Re: Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians placed No. 4. DWA and Paramount are hoping that Guardians follows the same path as The Polar Express -- both movies are Christmas-themed -- which debuted to a meek $23.3 million in early November 2004, but ultimately grossed $182.7 million domestically.

"It's not where you start, it's where you finish. Seasonal movies play out much logner and have smaller drops weekend to weekend. We should be the top choice for families and kids throughout the end of the year," DWA chief marketing officer Anne Globe said.

- Hollywood Reporter
This is the same thing I'm seeing:

1) No other holiday films
2) No other real children's movies - LIFE OF PI is out, so far reports are younger children may become too afraid and those older children have reported to have become "easily bored," while THE HOBBIT is coming along - it's mid-December AND is 2 hrs and 20 minutes which doesn't seem like a benefit to repeat family viewings over the holiday.
3) So far kids have been reported as loving it, adults are loving it as well - so look for more adults coming to see it who might have originally just shrugged it as a 'kid's film,' it has good reviews and a cinescore of A from the audience. Plus, the kids genuinely seem excited at McDonalds with the toys even... This is all pointing to strong legs over the holiday season.

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