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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Paradox1 View Post
I know less than jack squat about him. It's not about popularity per se but new takes on characters is not always a bad thing. Marvels comic Blade character is horrible but movie blade awesome so much so that marvels keeps trying to make them more a like. Till you actually see how they portray them on screen your doing yourself a disservice by assuming it's going to be bad.
Good point about Blade but Blade is still recognizable as Blade. What was changed about Blade? He was given a power boost, he used silver stakes instead of wood. That's it. The character was still there. He was still very angry, stoic, and streetwise. While I can't just assume that this version of Vertigo is going to suck, so far the news has not given me a good impression of where they are going with the character. I'm hoping he'll at least be a rich, high class foreign drug dealer with a royal bloodline (they don't have to come out and say this). Removing his powers is already throwing me for a loop.

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