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Default Re: Bane or the Joker?

Originally Posted by MAKAVELI25 View Post
I'm not saying your interpretation is wrong, but thats all it is, an interpretation. People take different things from the film, all we can really argue about is what is really shown. All we're told about the Bane/Ra's Al Ghul relationship is that Bane saved Talia's life and Ra's expelled him from the league. The movie doesn't give us a reason why Bane should be so devoted to Ra's legacy or the League of Shadow's philosophy, all we have are random lines said by Bane to the effect of fulfilling the goals of the League of shadows. Some might disagree, but I think Bane is just a poorly written character with no individual motivations, he is essentially an extension of Ra's/Talia's philosophy without a real personality of his own. I don't consider him a lapdog or anything, but in the end he is nothing more than a glorified henchman
But The Dark Knight doesn't give us a reason why The Joker should be so devoted to the idea of anarchy either. All we have are random lines about what people will do when the chips are down and how morality is a bad joke. We have no idea what formed that philosophy for him. Yet he's an absolute in terms of being devoted to that ideal.

The Talia reveal does muddle up Bane's motivations at first, but when you think about it he'd have no reason to be saying half the things he said if he didn't believe them. He could have just been portrayed as a brute of few words, but he wasn't.

I think refusing to engage in interpretation leads to a superficial discussion of the film, so that's why I personally persist with it. You are always more than free to counter with your own interpretations.

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