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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by Zeerola View Post
No, he would just give her armor, she would use in case of immediate danger. You know instead of screaming, yelling and running in circles like in IM and IM2.
Point N1: IM armor is not, and has never been, designed for defensive use. Stark invented MK1 in order to escape from captivity and destroy his weapons, MK2 for joyriding, MK3-7 to actively fight against attackers. A heavy, bulky metal suit is, by design, freaking useless for defense, specially for a socialite business(wo)man whose main threats in real life are probably paparazzi. And for bigger threats: can you just imagine some terrorist appearing with bombs, Pepper suiting up and flying away, the rest of her entourage getting the finger? Just no.

Point N2: Pepper is not, and has never been, a damsel in distress. She has come under fire in the previous movies because she 1) singlehandedly gathered proof of Stane´s machinations and cleverly went to the authorities and 2) personally supervised the evacuation of her company´s Fair. All of the above required more balls than most men probably come equiped with.

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