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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
it's funny how the only reports of people "buying" oscars tend to come from very sore losers when they actually happen...

I don't think Halle "bought" her oscar at all.. however, the oscar's are a place where someone might not deserve the award for that specific movie, but because they deserved one in years past. I'd believe Halle got an Oscar for the Academy trying to get more publicity over affirmative action, making that award year "groundbreaking" and "memorable" than Halle "buying" an oscar any day...
I don't mean she wrote someone a check for it...

I mean those studios that put time and $$$$ into getting the best gifts, night outs, etc to the academy winners end up winning the big prizes. It has happened since the Oscars began...I'm not saying that Halle didn't deserve her Oscar, and others did, I am just saying that "having an Oscar" doesn't mean you are the best one for a part...

Am I going to say that Meryl Streep did not deserve any of her Oscars and they were all bought....hell no? : )


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