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Post Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread


"Push, Miranda, PUSH!!" Verona Redgrave yells to her 20 daughter as she squeezes her hand tightly. Sweat beads from Miranda's face as she pushes, experiencing the most intense pain of her short life.

"You are doing great, sweetheart, just push!" Verona yells as Miranda looks at her daughter with a panicked look.

"This isn't good...her vitals are dropping." The doctor nearby proclaims as Miranda's eyes begin to glaze over.

"What in the hell is going on? What's happening to her!?!" Verona yells. The doctor says nothing, just giving an apologetic look in Verona's direction.

"I don't understand! What's happening??" she asks again, her voice cracking.

Everything goes white and behind Verona, Miranda sees what looks like the Devil, a naked man with horns, wings, and razor sharp claws. His eyes blank, evil. His expressionless face just watches, and Miranda tries to scream, but instead goes numb.

"She is crowning, the baby is coming out right now" The first doctor says.

"...And she is going into cardiac arrest. We need to deliver this baby now..."

"Cardiac arrest!??!" Verona yells, panicking as she continues to squeeze her daughters hand. And just like that Miranda sits up, clenching her chest, her eyes opening widely one last time as she watches her life flash by in a manner of seconds. She dies, falling back as the demon that only she can see disappears with her.

"NO!!!! No No NO!!!" Verona yells as the doctors struggle to get the child out, as her head and neck are now out and it's too late for an emergency C-Section. They do all they can after a few moments they pull the new born into this world, young Dinorah Redgraves cries so loudly that her screams are deafening. The glass windows SHATTER as the baby's screams seem to move with force. The violent whirlwind of projectile force stops when the baby finds her hand and sticks it in her mouth, calming down. The hospital staff in the delivery room all pick themselves up off the floor and look at eachother in shock.

"It''s a girl..." the shaken doctor proclaims as Verona Redgrave faints.


"How badly do you want it, baby?"

Dinorah pulls her shirt off revealing her white laced bra as she climbs on top of her boyfriend Ryan. Her dorm room locked, a sock on the door, Dinorah and Ryan have a rather fun evening planned out.

"You have no idea how badly I want it, Dinorah. I can't believe we are finally doing this. I have waited for this for so long." Ryan says as he nervously undoes his belt buckle.

"Ryan. I want to share myself with you. Everyone in my life has abandoned me. But not you. I love you." She says.

"I love you too Dinorah. Just stop me if it starts to hurt, okay babe?"


He swiftly flips her on her back and she giggles. He leans in, kissing her neck. She runs her hands down his back and he bites her softly, causing her to dig her fingernails into his back. Suddenly, she begins to sweat become lightheaded, her eyes beginning to illuminate with a white glow.

Her nails still digging in his back, her heartbeat picks up and the room starts to spin. Suddenly, scaled purple wings rip through her back, tearing through her flesh. Razor sharp claws spring from her fingertips as her nails are still in Ryans back, causing each of her 10 claws to stab Ryan deeply, an accident, but a fatal one. The look on his face is a combination of fear and panic. Blood runs down his back staining the bedsheets and Dinorah has no idea what to do, other than cry. She pulls her three inch claws from his back and 10 little geysers of blood spring out. She stands up and looks down at her dead boyfriend. His last breath escaping his lips is a desperate cry for mercy.

"Please..." He begins to say before the eyes roll into the back of his head. He dies. Dinorah loses it and screams, a scream so loud it causes damage to her immediate environment.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" She hollers, her Siren Scream knocking down the entire wall of her top story dorm. Brick crumbles, windows shatter. Dinorah looks down at her dead love, and back up at the gaping hole in her wall overlooking Lost Haven. The tears flow heavy as she jumps out the hole and takes flight, running away from the atrocious action she has just committed.

Today. 6 years later.

"Whatever this is that I am, it's has hurt everyone I love. I have to make things right, Grandma. I have to use this power for good" Dinorah says as she walks down the stairs, her grandmother Verona Redgrave following behind her.

"You are all I have, Dinorah! PLEASE don't do this, I can't bear to lose you!!" Verona yells. Dinorah's claws come out and her wings unsheathe from her back. She turns to her grandmother, her eyes glowing white.

"It's Valkyrie, grandmother. Dinorah is the scared little girl that never stood a chance. Valkyrie is who I am now..." Dinorah says.

"So you are going to try and turn this curse into something positive? You will FAIL. Your mother didn't die so that you can...." Verona says before being interrupted.

"....My mother didn't die for NOTHING. I am going to go out there and do my mother mother proud. Her legacy will live on through me, her death will end up saving countless lives. What more do you WANT FROM ME??" She asks.

"I just... I just want you to be happy, honey" Verona says, crying.

"We all want what we can't have Grandma. Don't wait up. I have work to do."

Minutes later.

"All these poor souls wander this world in search of something they will never find..." Valkyrie thinks to herself as she soars through the night sky, the moonlight guiding her on her path through the city.

"They all have this idea of happiness, as if happiness is something even remotely obtainable. It's not. Human nature decides against it, for when one achieves what they think is happiness, they only want more. Man is never satisfied. Me? I have forsaken any idea of happiness the day I came into this world, when my mother gave her life bringing me into it. Happiness is not what I seek. What I need are ANSWERS. I need to know where these powers, this curse, where it all comes from. I need to know the truth."

She gracefully cuts through the air, her long blond hair flowing in the wind as her purple, dragon like wings proudly span.

"HELP!!" A voice cries from below.

"That man just stole my car! My baby is inside" a panicked mother screams from the streets as a Blue Chevy Caviler speeds off.

"I don't know where these powers come from..." Valkyrie thinks to herself.

"...but I have them, and therefore I have a responsibility I suppose."

The Valkyrie glides toward the moving car at an impeccable speed. The blue Chevy picks up the pace and Valkyrie can see the young 3 year old boy in the back seat. She needs to handle this delicately. It would be so easy to take the car out with her "Siren Scream" but that would easily endanger the child. Valkyrie instead catches up to the car and suddenly drops on the roof, causing the car to swerve. She climbs over to the side and busts in the back window, which frightens the child in the back even further.

"What in the hell ARE you!?!" the crook says as he pulls out his gun and points it at Valkyrie. She reacts as quickly as she can and covers the child's ears tightly. The crook shoots Valkyrie twice in the chest and she winces briefly, keeping her hands tightly covering the child's ears before unleashing her Siren Scream on the crook. His eyelids peel back and his nose begins to bleed as he is in direct contact with the deafening force. He passes out as his eardrums pop and blood spews from them. She grabs the young child and clutches him close to her chest. As the unmanned moving vehicle is set to go over a bridge, Valkyrie projects herself and the boy from the car merely seconds before it goes over the edge and into the water. Valkyrie glides through the air with the screaming toddler flailing his arms and legs, not fully understanding the situation.

"I get it kid. You are scared. I was too, once upon a time."

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