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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by S. Grundy View Post
Vertigo as he is in the comic seems pretty easily adaptable, nothing about his back story could be construed as "unrealistic". It's really just confusing that they would bother saying that this is Count Vertigo, when there's nothing recognizable (not even his name is Werner Vertigo).
Precisely. Change the costume. That kinda sucks anyway. But the character himself isn't that farfetched. His powers could easily be tech based like they have been in his other adaptions. I'd be fine just seeing this guy in a suit and a dark green trenchcoat.

I know what's done is done and his version may be interesting in his own right. It's just annoying when writers always think these characters need these drastic changes to be any good. Blade wasn't even changed this drastically and he's a Marvel C lister.

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