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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Not the best attitude to start with.

Yes, there was ebaums world and there was whatever else. But the whole internet meme culture of parodying movies like we have seen since 2008 or so did not exist back then.
Yeah, I concede it wasn't as full on as it was several years later, but it was still very much around. Movies got spoofed and mocked. There is not ONE video in existence from 2005 to TDK's release that mocks Bale's Batman voice in Begins. Not a single one.

The best I can do is say search this board for 2005 threads complaining about the voice (yes, they existed) or check out the many, many reviews from the movie's initial release that would either criticize or bemusedly mock the voice.
I have searched through the boards. Do you think I would make such a claim without having done my research? I told you above the complaints about the voice were few and far between.

As for a link, here you go:
Did you read through that thread before you posted it? Here's the bulk of the responses that actually mention the voice or don't feel any changes were necessary to the character at all;

Originally Posted by JokerNick View Post
voice wasn't over the top... that way no one could recogonize his voice
Originally Posted by SHF View Post
But yeh the voice is ok
Originally Posted by BatMatt View Post
I dont feel the voice is forced, Bale is just speaking out of his throat. I think it's a pretty badass sound, very animalistic, like a growl. I like it a lot
Originally Posted by DV8 View Post
I like the voice too.
Originally Posted by The Fallen View Post
Bale's Batman is the best Batman portrayed on film ever. The 'Batman voice' was inconsistant at times, but other than that it was perfecto IMO.
Originally Posted by criticalcasting View Post
I'm not complaining too much about his Batman voice, I simply got used to it, but there were variations when he first met Rachel in the monorail station and when he talked to her when she woke up in the batcave. I would lean toward that batcave voice and the voice he used when he spoke to Gordon in Gordon's home. Otherwise, not too much change needed.
Originally Posted by heypapajinx View Post
fantastic performance. i don't think there's anything he would need to improve on
Originally Posted by theShape View Post
Bale did the best he could. He really got into that character in order to make it work, and it was great.
Originally Posted by Retroman View Post
I think Bale should try some variety in his Batman voice.I loved it
Originally Posted by COME ON ! View Post
Bale did everything just right. He was spot-on IMO.
Originally Posted by ChrisBaleBatman View Post
I like his Batman voice too.
Originally Posted by 7Hells View Post
I loved his voice LOVEDITOMG loved his voice in the Flass scene
Originally Posted by weezerspider View Post
I don't want him to change anything.
Originally Posted by Stupify_me View Post
Honestly I thought Bale was perfect. My issues with the movie have nothing to do with him.
Originally Posted by Speedball View Post
Nothing should go.
Originally Posted by indy83 View Post
Bale's batman is definetly the best and most studied that i've ever seen, I don't think they should changed a thing.
Originally Posted by StorminNorman View Post
If people in the comics actually question whether Batman is an animal or human, I think the comic Batman would sound very similar to Bale.
Originally Posted by Fanticon View Post
I liked just about everything in his rendition.
Originally Posted by TheDarkKnight View Post
I agree. Bale is a fine actor and was great as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. I can't really see anybody else playing the role, and Bale should not change a thing.
Originally Posted by I Am The Knight View Post
I don't want him to just duplicate his performance in Begins. If he does that, he'll just sleepwalk through the whole franchise playing Bats the same way. Don't get me wrong, I think he nailed it, but with a character like Batman, you can play the part so many ways.
Originally Posted by Saint View Post
There were things I would like to see added to Bale's performance in the sequels, and perhaps a thing or two I would like to see marginalized, but nothing I would outright remove.
The rest of the thread is people talking about detective skills, the one liners, the romance sub plot, Miller's version of Batman, and other non voice related stuff. Compare the number of people who complain about the voice to the ones who do not. Vast minority.

In 2005, after Schumaucher and an eight year absence, people were starting to grumble about the voice. But as you can see in the thread, fanboys are like, "I liked the movie and Bale is great...but the voice seemed....forced. STILL GREAT!"
Again read the thread and see the numbers in that thread. Those actually discussing the voice, the majority loved it. The detractors were a drop in the ocean.

There was no noticeable backlash against the voice.

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