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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 7

Originally Posted by Deathstroke View Post
I never said the relationship stuff was done well in SR. But the general public consensus after SR came out was too much relationship/love focus and not enough action for a summer blockbuster.

I remember the studio promising for years after that for the next Superman film to be the complete opposite of SR's focus and go 'Wrath of Khan' and action-driven with the material.

Doesn't surprise me that they've pulled so much from Flyby for this movie, including the Kryptonian General, Black Zero, his army, the Kryptonian wars etc. I think the Kryptonian stuff will take central focus. His central conflict seems to be his humanity versus his Kryptonian ancestry.
The big issues with the romance story in SR were three fold:

1) Richard White was a condemned character from the very inception of his place in the storyline. He has the same problem as the New 52/DCnU character John Carrol- he's an alternate love interest for Lois who's meant to be taken seriously, but only as an alternate love interest-if he's a heel, then why the heck is Lois going out with him? And if he's a nice guy, that's cool and all, but he'll never contribute anything to the plot besides being in the way of most of the audience's OTP, Lois and Clark.

2) No Clark and Lois tension. The biggest advantage Smallville and Lois and Clark have over SR is that the majority of interaction and flirtation occurs between Lois and Clark -which enables the audience to ignore any unfortunate implications about Superman spending time with Lois while also allowing Clark to be a more fully realized character as opposed to a deceptive caricature. Even the Donner films made it clear that Clark was more than just an annoying coworker, but SR embraced the masquerade harder than granite statue of Teddy Roosevelt, and as a result, you wanted the Lois and Clark scenes to get done really quickly.

3) The entire deadbeat dad arc. Because they made Superman a deadbeat dad and implied that Lois had no memory of sleeping with Superman/Clark, thus probably making her think it was rape. I loved figuring out who the kid was, I loved the execution of his appearance, but I really don't think that Superman should ever have reason to be compared to Zeus-horny god who loves-em-and-leaves-em. Superman was lacking a pretty big part of that -man title, coming off more like some adolescent stalker/rapist, and it really just flatout killed any desire I had to watch anymore of the romance.

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