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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - Part 9

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post

Thank you. The problem is that NO ONE ever talks about who Diana is. They say she and Wonder Woman are the same person (as though Bruce and Batman or Clark and Superman are somehow not?) and leave her as this typical female superhero with nothing to add to the conversation but a sexy body and generic superhero dialogue. Even the "Who is Diana?" Storylines from the comics just end up with "she's a bit of everything, really..." which kinda makes her nothing.

That question, what Diana would do if she didn't have super powers, really hits the heart of it well.

For me, Diana is an adventurer, a very vibrant spirit whom the island never had any hope of containing anyway. She's the most exciting thing happening at any given time, not the most powerful or righteous necessarily like Superman, not the scariest or angstiest, like Batman. She's the one who's having the most fun doing this, partly because, as others have pointed out, when she's Wonder Woman, she's just being herself anyway. How appropriate for someone who wields the power of Truth at her side. So the question becomes, "What kind of person would love doing this?" Someone who likes to help people, someone who likes to fight and compete, someone who has a strong moral center, someone who likes to go to new places and do new things. Whether you work it forward or backwards, you end up with a primarily fun, charming character who was born (or made) for this, they just don't know it yet.

This grafting on of the generic warrior princess archetype has never done her any service, and constantly taken the conversation away from her to everything around her.
!!! I love this! Diana being an adventurer at heart makes sense on so many different levels!

1) Having spent most of her life on an island, she was always stuck in one place, and never got to see new things. So it makes sense she would yearn to see new places.

2) In the Odyssey, I remember when Odysseus had himself taped to the mast of his ship(instead of covering his ears) when he passed the sirens so he wouldn't get lured in. He did this presumably because he wanted the experience, he wanted to do something few if any had done.

That's kind of how I think Diana should be. An upbeat, fun, thrill seeker and adventurer. Always pushing the limits, exploring new places, and trying new things. This can tie into her personal life when she tells Steve they should try a new restaurant, or go to a part of town they have never been before. This can tie into her Wonder Woman humanitarian work when she wants to explore the world for people in need of help.

Hmm, so that takes care of what type of person Diana would be without her powers. Also sort of takes care of her motivations, so long as we tie her being compassionate with her confidence, fierceness, and compassion.

But what does an adventurer say in a Justice League setting that makes them useful? A comment on a place they visited?

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