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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by the5timechamp View Post
Knight Rises:
-Drop the Foley character and add more Catwoman scenes.
-add an action scene ala "getting Lau from Hong Kong", have it be a chase of Catwoman that also shows Batman dealing with the police force.
-Have Scarecrow in costume, more scenes with the regular citizens of Gotham
-More stealth attacks from Batman as he liberates police force.
-No Talia
-remove the shot of Batman prior to the bomb going off, the flow just hurts the acceptance of the fact he jumped out of the Bat.
-Extend the final battle, make the Bane vs Batman II battle more of a struggle for Batman (I'd cheat and rip off dark knight returns by making the fight take place somewhere that implies batman used smarts and not brute strenght to even the odds)

Above all else I would re-insert some of the missing shots from all the movies (at least the appropriate ones)..Tumbler inside the temporary base in TDK etc. etc.
Lurve these. Right on about that last shot of Batman in The Bat.

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