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Default Re: Ten rings to rule them all...

Originally Posted by Matarreyes View Post
That would be more than OK with me. I think one of the most intelligent decisions in the Ironman scripts was the way they edited out all fantasy/over-the-top Sci-Fi and came up with a purely techno story that general audiences could get behind (and still had enough fanservice for the fans to be content). Compare a terrorist group called "10 rings" to a villain who actually has a red scull for a face. I´d bet you big money that one was a big no-no to many casual viewers.

On that note, I hope the rings are there either as a tie-in with the 10 rings from IM1, or as a glorified electronic key to some cutting edge tech. And please, no dragons .
I hope they explain the rings as a token/gift given to The Mandarin from each of 10 terrorist organizations in third world countries (only one of which was controlled by Raza in IM1). Giving him the power of each. Making him arguably more powerful than if they shot out laser beams and ice blasts.

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