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Default Re: Create-A-Hero RPG Season IV IC Thread

Several days had passed since the gang of metas had attacked the school carnival. In the days that followed the attack, the campus had seen an outpouring of support from students and faculty as well as from the community at large. There had been candlelight vigils each night, and there had been an uneasy silence all around the campus as the student body reeled from the shock of the attack, and mourned those who lost their lives.

Classes had been cancelled, and were not scheduled to resume until the following Monday, leaving the thousands of resident students with little to do but reflect on what had happened.

Kyle had been sitting in the dining hall with Erin, Sam, and Ronnie having dinner in relative silence when Erin noticed a young man enter the dining hall followed by a stunning brown haired co-ed. She immediately recognized him as the guy that Kyle had dragged out of the carnival during the attack.

He was a good looking guy who kept himself in pretty good shape. His long black hair reached down past his shoulders and almost "flowed" as he walked. The girl was a natural beauty, and looked as if she belonged on a movie set or on a photo shoot instead of in a college dining room. Her shoulder length brown hair framing her perfect features.

He said something to her as he saw Kyle and his friends sitting at their corner table, and they both strode toward them.

They came to a stop at the table, the young man extending his hand.

"I never did get to thank you for helping me out the other day." He said with a barely noticeable Russian accent. "The name's Demetri, this is Hanna, my girlfriend."

Kyle accepted his outstretched hand and began introductions as Demetri and Hanna joined them for dinner.

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