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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by Bren View Post
I'm very simplistic. I want science to be science (even if it's not fully understood yet) and magic be magic that is not understood by anyone who is not a magician.
I want all human characters (outside of Strange if and when he turns up) to not have a clue how Thor, Loki, Odin et al are doing the things they are doing.

I wouldn't mind Jane screaming in frustration "but I know how you create portals!" and Thor reply with a mysterious smile "Asgardians have used what you term advanced science for many of our solutions, but by no means is it our only tool.".

Or something like that.

Basically, I want magic to be fully in the MCU.
This is kind of what I'm saying. Characters like Tony and Pym would evetually begin to hypothesize it has something to do with quantum mechanics or any number of things, string theory, a bunch of theories. But they'll never understand things from an angle that Strange, Malekith, Loki, Odin or Warlock would as a being who has extraordinary powers. Thor would begin to develop even stronger control over his will, eventually creating wormholes and temporal vortexes. Only as examples of some of his powers that could tie into this. If those show up he'd definitely start increasing his control over the powers the hammer gives him in this movie to defeat Malekith, displaying other powers.

The characters would know there is some connection, but of course none of this would work in the real world so to me it is magic.

However, the tone they set for the characters in Thor, the use of wormholes (in particular Jane studying them), and saying that he comes from a world where they're one and the same leads me to believe they may attempt to at least continue with that theme when they go further into magic.

I really think that magic and science are part of the same spectrum. Part of the same universe/multiverse. Everything part of Yggdrasil. Midgard relies on science, whereas everywhere else is an even mixture of both.

Asgard exists as a physical place, but there's also a very spiritual aspect to it, where it exists simultaneously with the higher dimensions. It has greater access to Valhalla where we do not.
We're closer to Niffleheim aka Hell.

Pym is shocked to find that Hel is real, he can't take Tony down there without the pym particles that biologically enhance Janet and allow her to go there... But Hel and the inner dimensions/lower realms have powers we do not. Luckily, Odin has trapped Surtur and Hela in the invisible sides of the lower realms for all eternity. It's through the invisible, dark matter/ anti-matter side of the universe that Hela would come to possess Jane from the inside. Because even all the dark energies at Yggdrasil's roots are connected to all the other parts of Yggdrasil. There are inner doorways through the world tree. It's through this inner doorway that Hela comes into Jane, although she's blocked from entering the physical world.. Forced out of Jane and moves into Darcy.... Helps Malekith try to raise Surtur through the dimensional doorway.

So Pym starts to understand a little bit about the lower dimensions/realms and the negative zones. But ultimately no one can understand what really gives the magic users all their power, as it comes from the invisible in-between worlds that even Pym can't find. The fourth dimension/realm and beyond. Once you get into the macro, the astronomical. Dimensions only the Asgardians have full access to without cheating and using science to create wormholes. They'd throw out a couple scientific theories or lines, but they're only theories. None of them could naturally do what Strange or Thor could. Even a de-powered Thor had some pre-knowledge of the storm before he tries to get the hammer back in the first movie. Pym and Janet would only understand the micro side of the universe. The lower realms and dimensions by using other sub-atomic particles to open miniature wormholes, or hitch a ride on. That's how midgardians get to Niffleheim, or Hel. It exists so far beneath the surface on the other end of the spectrum as Valhalla. Both are very magical realms, Hel would just exist in a subatomic part of the universe that Pym can also access and learns of. Which changes his perspective completely. Tony was pretty unquestioning already in Avengers. He understood enough from the files to trust that Thor could do what they said he could. Whatever the reason, it didn't matter at the time of Avengers. He refers to him as a demi-god because he's not quite sure yet.

Pym eventually uses science to discover and explore spaces that exist in-between dimensions and out of time, like the Negative Zone or Knowwhere. Junctions between time and dimensions. The Ant Man movie would be set in the 80's and the present. With Pym and Lang. Then both. The multi-verse/time-line manipulation around almost only the Ant-Man movies allows for full expression of all Ant Man's personalities in a short amount of time/movies. The smallest character quickly becomes the biggest and most important character for holding up the universe/multi-verse/ time-line of all the other movies. And stopping the age of Immortus & Ultron.

A couple versions of Kang are doing their best impersonation acts yet. Instead of only pretending to be one "of the pharoahs of old" he went back to the dawn of time already, acquired great power. Needs this timeline a certain way. Ant Man can't be in it... He's seen a lot of this timeline play out and his goal is to defeat Thanos and claim rulership over this universe/timeline for himself. Ultron is the problem in his plan that makes the future unpredictable for him. There are multiple versions of him, some pretending allegiance to Thanos for now. He went back to the dawn of time and is currently pretending to be a be a being who will come to be known as Chthon. But this is not the real Chthon from the dawn of time. None of Immortus's versions are to be trusted.This is an other version of Kang who has quite successfully infiltrated Thanos by altering his appearance into that of a being that predates Thanos. In this movie they may drop the Other's temporary name, but if I'm correct Immortus has been to the dawn of time and has had some words with Surtur as well. When the Other shows up in this movie it seems like all hell and the dawn of time are breaking loose.

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