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Default Re: Favourite batman director

I like Burton overall, so I can enjoy Returns as a Burton movie that just so happens to feature Batman. As a Batman film it leaves quite a lot to be desired. I loved the film as a kid for the score and visuals though, and will always be fond of Keaton in the cowl.

B'89 has its flaws too of course, but it's solid as a Batman movie. It feels more like a studio picture, but it has some of Burton's quirks. Returns is where they let him off the leash and he went full "art mode" on it.

That's why I respect Nolan a lot. I feel like he was able to successfully approach his films simultaneously as commercial projects and artistic endeavors. He pushed the envelope as much as possible, but ultimately it was all in an effort to excite and entertain audiences...not scare them off (I'm looking at you Daniel Waters!)

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