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Default Re: Daredevil reboot: official discussion thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by bubbadoom View Post
maybe I missed the big press release - and if I did can some one link it for those of us who did - but HAS Dare Devil gone back to Marvel?

Last I read, it was to happen in October but I have not seen anything official about it...
Well Marvel didn't seem to be too interested in getting the DD rights back from Fox, considering they tried to cut a deal with Fox to let them keep the rights to DD. Marvel may have just gotten the rights back and not announced it.

Originally Posted by Vapor View Post
I see. I use to read comics about 10 years ago (wanting to get back into it) and I remember one comic, although I don't remember what series, where all the villains are breaking out of Rykers while the Avengers are there and Purple Man nearly made Luke Cage kill some one.. So speaking as someone who hasn't read much to do with him or indeed DD, IMO Purple Man seems like an interesting villain with a fairly unique power. That is not to say that Kingpin or someone else wouldn't be interesting or anything.

But they could always write him somewhat differently in the movies. Make his motives different or something. They could take him back to his roots where he is just discovering his power and all the fun he can have with it. Make him a young, power hungry type who DD puts away and when he gets out, he gains his power and sets out to try find out who DD is and exact some revenge. If they take him back to the genesis of him becoming Purple Man he won't neccesarily be bored of what he can do, given as you say, he can pretty much do anything. Maybe he could also hold a grudge against the Kingpin and that's why he wants to usurp the Kingpins position. That way Kingpin can sit in the background... I dunno, obviously you guys know better than me if he would work or not.
Maybe, I actually like Purple Man, but I am not sure he could carry a whole film as the main villain. The problem is Purple Man is push over when his powers fail him, so what the climax of the film be? DD can take him out with one punch. He is kinda of a one trick pony. His cruelty, sadism and bouts of insanity can be interesting, but once his powers fail him, his number is up. Plus he is kinda smart, but not as smart as someone like Kingpin is. Purple Man is a punk, when you get down to it, his powers give him advantage that he uses to lord over others, but as soon as that advantage is gone, he's got nothing.

Originally Posted by Vapor View Post
Taskmaster could be working for Kingpin as, as you say, a hired gun. I picked Taskmaster 'cos I had a quick look on Wikipedia and, as I say, speaking as a non-comic reader/casual fan of DD, he doesn't seem to have very many villains you might put in a film.. And Taskmaster has a cool look and his power could lend to some interesting action sequences with DD.. Almost a Bullseye without doing Bullseye again. Or in the nature of having a shared universe they could always bring Crossbones back working as a hired gun, to help establish that DD, while been a "street level" hero fits in with all the other stuff...

I'm just throwing an idea out, like I say, you guys will know if it would work or not.
The thing is DD already has a lot of hired gun villains: Bullseye, Bullet, Elektra, Typhoid Mary, Bushwacker, etc. He really doesn't need to borrow hired guns from other rogues galleries when he already has a lot of them in his own rogues gallery. Half of DD's rogues gallery are professional killers or Psycho for hire types. Plus DD once fought an anti hero with powers similar to Taskmaster; Echo.

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
No love for Stilt Man?
Check this out:

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