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Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I'm with ya here. However, it certainly seems like a way to itroduce ultron. idk, I mean, with all this speculation, some of roger wardells tweets about Ultron leading the masters of evil starts to make sense :P
I wouldn't say that Ultron will lead them like Wardell said... I mean I'm not even vaguely sure about this aspect. But I can definitely see Ultron coming into this very quickly. Especially if Szostak isn't revealed to be
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
until the after credits.... Leaving us dangling until her partner shows up in one of the other movies.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Pym, not Tony, may already be sort of lost in space and time and part of GoTG... His movie may be set in two time periods, with Pym and Lang, but Pym from the 80's has been lost by the end of the film... meaning he traveled forwards in time a little bit because of some subatomic particle manipulation and hitching a ride on neutrinos. Janet ends up where they meant to... the present (around the time of IM3)... not a dimension between time and space.
Pym may currently be trapped in the middle of knowwhere... Shield took his stuff. He was never heard from again and wright's script is taking longer than usual but can fit in wherever... Pym's role in guardians of the Galaxy may be a cameo that sets up Avengers 2 for him. He may even be yellow in the movie, and a pacifist who has a ray-gun connected to the microverse that's non-lethal. i.e. He's already sending bad guys to a makeshift prison 42 after they get to knowwhere when we meet him. And the future guardians cameo/interact with the 21st century guardians and help him set up a prison in between dimensions. This will be important for some of the masters and any other villains.

Janet begins to work with Shield in-between the movies until Avengers 2, and these are our major connecting characters alongside Thanos for a lot of what's going on in the after credits. In my theory Ultron may only overthrow and enslave the masters, killing some of them, because he wants to be the one at the top killing and enslaving humanity. The masters would be Leader, Red Skull, Enchantress/Executioner, The Mandarin, Crossbones, Loki (in a way) and Ultron + Immortus overseeing things/assembling the masters against 21st century Earth and Thanos.

Thanos is still there. But the Other informs him to wait until the masters tear themselves apart and the heroes and villains almost lose Earth to Ultron. Immortus had a plan to take Thanos out of the timeline and secure the Mandarin's 21st century Empire and his future Empire... unfortunately Ultron wound up in the 31st century with Kang/Immortus because Ant Man started crawling around in between the fabric of reality (Kang may pretty much only be referred to as Immortus and may be the true villain in the Ant Man movie after Pym almost makes himself big again). Immortus assembles the masters and retrieves Red Skull from space in the 40's. He acquires the Ultron prototype in the 80's and the 31st century accidently becomes an age of Ultron. Ultron wants control of all the Empires Immortus is running across time and space, concentrated in the present with the masters and the remnants of the 10 rings, AIM/Hydra + future Sterns and Enchantress. Future Sterns would be a huge dick and a way to lead into another Hulk movie at some point in the future. This is a sterns who is already fully transformed and completely in control of the future he comes from... He doesn't like the fact that he's suddenly taking orders from the other power hungry masters, and being almost led to kill his past self by Enchantress...
It seems like a lot of pieces but Pym and Janet will be the only new Avengers and Hawkeye's gone. Someone else dies in the opening attack and Black Widow's past as a double agent catches up with her. She may not really be in it unless they use Zemo instead of Skull. I can see miss Marvel showing up in the end if GoTG goes a certain way that includes many past and future characters.
Instead of a superhero team eventually coming together, Avengers 2 would be about a massive super villain team quickly falling apart because of each villain's desire to be the sole leader, ruler, king, dictator, emperor, conqueror, enchantress, or over-thrower of humanity... Only the Titan and Ultron make it through on the villain side, but Immortus, Leader and Loki can return. People like Abomination, Zemo and Leader's hulklings are seen in Prison 42 at the end.

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