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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Superstrength-MCU hulk level
Superspeed in Combat/on Land-I know this is controverisal but Id like Supes to be slower than a bullet.I want Supes to be clearly superhumanly fast but no so fast that we need slow mo to see whats going on.Im trying my best to think of a movie that has the closest display to this but all I got is Twilight.

Flight-Neoesque except more realistic.Judging fom the comic con trailer,Mos Got this one right

Heat vision-smallville potrayed lowlevel heat vion perfectly.Highlevel heat vision shld be like Cyclops laser vision in the movies.

SuperBreath and Superhearing-Smallville got it right

Zoom vison-Should be a cool combo of Xray vison,Microscopic vison,Telescopic vision.

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