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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by Jenlet View Post
OT: My alarm went off this morning to "Hats off to the Bull". Chevelle is great.
I'm sorry to say but that is one song of theirs I do not like at all. It's too evocative of personal things right now. The song I want to wake up to every day and you should too is Forfeit. It describes my feelings for a large group of misguided people perfectly.
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These people have no right to pass judgement on a man I love very much. In fact they have no right to pass judgement on anybody because their judgement is faulty. Judgement is reserved for God only and that's it.

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- So I guess nowadays it's become a crime to want to be your man's best friend/lover and not want to be just a scantily clad floozy taking up space.

- Women, women everywhere but not a decent man to see.

- Try not to keep pissing me off will ya?

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