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Default Re: What could be Marvel's next big spectacle?

I honestly don't think anything is going to top the spectacle of Avengers 1, just because of the sheer novelty of the idea --- a genuine honest-to-god superhero team-up, done the way God and Stan Lee intended. Even future Avengers movies are going to lack that, because there's only one "first time."

I *do* think that it's inevitable that adding other cash cows like Spider-Man and Wolverine from Sony and Fox, respectively, into the Avengers is a sure-fire way to up the spectacle level for Avengers, so that might top Avengers 1.

Other than that, the only thing I'd bet on to outdo Avengers 1 would be an Avengers vs. JLA movie. But only after WB gets off their late asses and catches up in the shared-world arena.


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