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Default Re: Recommendation on what to use to get back into PC gaming!?

As promised, here are todays prices for the kit I currently have

P9X79 Pro m/b 190.00
Intel i7-3820 210.00
256Gb SSD SATA III 130.00
1Tb Seagate hard drive 60.00
Corsair Hydro H80 75.00
AMD HD7970 Sapphire Vapor-X 450.00
Antec 300 midi case 45
Gold certified 850W PSU 120.00
32Gb RAM (8Gb x 4) 120.00
Blu-Ray SATA optical drive 50
DVD SATA Re-writer 12

Grand total of 1462.00

Leaving out the monitors and the tri-stand...
I think I need to go and lay down for a while after seeing all that added up!

I'd be interested in seeing what you go for. Please post it here when you get it all...

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