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Default Re: Tahmoh Penikett as...?

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
John Shea's Lex was my fave interpretation, and he didn't loose his hair until the second season after he awoke from a coma.

I'd prefer Lex to be bald, but if he's well written, acted and his part in the story well thought out, then how he looks just won't matter that much.
I agree. I thought Jon Shea was perfect as Lex. He was a refined and wealthy business man, but shrewd and evil.

Mad scientist style Lex is too easy for Superman to thwart because all he has to do is find him. The L&C Luthor was a much better foil for because he neutered Superman. His vast power was useless against a man who could hide behind a popular public face and an army of lawyers and corporations.

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