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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
But does being the underdog instantly make the Palestinians morally superior in all areas to the Israelis? ...some left wingers siding with the underdog instantly. Its counterproductive and based on emotionalism rather then objective analysis
All? Ofcourse not, but the majority, yes. I don't think anybody can support murdering civilians in any conflict, and the Palestinians have committed terrorism to punish the Israelis for their own perceived persecutions. But if you look at every Palestinian crime, you will see a disproportionate similar crime by the Israelis. This is not emotionalism, this is objective criticism that falls on deaf ears because the US vetoes any criticism of Israel, even when the majority of the nations of the world support the Palestinian cause.

Zionists and Israelis have, and I can find you objective sources if you ask:

1. Used Human shields
2. Used Car Bombs
3. Murdered unarmed protesters
4. Murdered and tortured children
5. Apartheid
6. Racism
7. Unlawful imprisonment, and leniency to Israeli crimes
8. Indoctrination of children to hate Palestinians
9. Land appropriation
10. Illegal settlement expansion
11. Collective punishment
12. Vandalism
13. Spying on the US

Not to mention geo-political controversies such as the IDF enabled and assisted massacre of over a thousand innocent Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon, nuclear weapon proliferation and escalation, and the attack on the USS Liberty.

There is too much emotionalism in this conflict, neither side is willing to do what is needed to resolve this conflict because they both tell themselves fairy tails where the other side is pure evil, while they are pure good. Nothing is going to get solved with these oversimplifications in place.
And oversimplifying the problem as simply emotionalism will not do any good either. There are legitimate concerns for the Palestinians AND the Israelis. The Israelis will not negotiate on the 4 million Palestinian refugees that had their lands confiscated. The Palestinians will not negotiate on living in a little archipelago of walled prison camps with Israeli-only roads criss-crossing through them having the Israelis dictate to them their own destiny.

You can argue Israel has better reason for existing then a lot of other countries, that did worse, for more selfish reasons.
A lot of nations were invented after WWII for many selfish reasons. And history will say that if Israel wants to survive in this hostile neighborhood, it will have to adapt and becoming pluralistic.

Israel can't live forever as a US aid recipient always on the brink of war with its neighbors. It wants the US and Europe to change all the governments of its neighbors so it has a chance for survival. The reality is, it will never get everything it wants, it has to make peace if it wants to survive. Therefore, it has to make concessions, as do the Palestinians.

The Europeans, Americans, and the Arab neighbors who together, perpetuate this disaster, will have to figure out a solution.

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