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Default Re: What could be Marvel's next big spectacle?

Originally Posted by BobJM View Post
Sinister Six would rock my world. Too bad ASM left me feeling a bit "meh." Unless ASM2 changes things up a lot, I'd almost rather wait to see the six go up against Spider-Man in a different interpretation of the character.

Maybe the next reboot
I have to agree with you, out of all the comic book movies that are being made, ASM 2 just seems so mundane.

Everything in Marvel Phase Two, just seems like its going to be quite outstanding. I really think that Phase Two is going to be thee classic Phase for Marvel kinda like their own Dark Knight.

X-Men: DOFP the title alone has fans all over the world excited, The Wolverine in Japan conjures up a whole bunch of excitement.

Even though Warner wants to make some Avengers money, by pushing JL, that film is still three years away which atleast shows that they really planning on making it a good film,

but Spidey Vs Electro just doesn't seem all that intriguing, even if Osborn is added, it just doesnt conjure up any real excitement. they probably saving the Sinister Six for the third film which will probably be great.

But i still feel that ASM didnt have to take us all the way back to before Peter became Spidey, they really could have just touched on it like we have seen in Incredible Hulk, and start the film with Peter as Spidey, and that would have freed up some more time to tell a different story. Hell, even that animated Ultimate Spidey, covered the origin story in a minute.

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