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Default Re: The Avenging Spider-Man(screenplay idea)

You can, but go through the list of Marvel characters on wikipedia to make sure that you not forgetting other characters who can maybe work better for Spidey.

The characters you chose should complement Spidey. Thats kinda why White Tiger was chosen for Ultimate Spidey, they might not have teamed up in the comics, since she is in the Academy, but her personality and skill set works quite well with his own. I think just look for the characters you think is the best fit to assist Spidey.

lol yeah when it comes to Coulson I think you should definitely wait to see whats being done with him on the SHIELD TV series. but for now i think you can start writing, after all if its before the Avengers, then i guess your Film should be before the Avengers too. but if it is after the Avengers then i guess you safe.

But you wont have to mention his "death" at all, since how would Spidey have known what had happen. So Coulson role would stay the same regardless of the fact that he is going to die or is resurrected.

But if you want your film to take place after the Avengers, and lets just say, its confirmed that Coulson is dead as the TV series is set prior to that. Then I would say go with Clay Quartermain... His a fan favorite, most of us were expecting to see him step in as Nick's right hand man in the films by now, since he was Nick's Number One man in the comics for many years.

Glad i could help out! Good luck with that... You should inbox me when you done with a draft i would love to read it.

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