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Default Re: ORGANICS SUCK!!!! (A Tribute Thread)

Originally Posted by Web face View Post
Illustrious Var pretty much covered it, but I just want to say again that we did see cartridges when he was first making the web shooters. Also, the web fluid isnt the entire point of him having web shooters. I mean sure, I'm still a little disappointed that he didn't invent them, but he still invented the shooters themselves, which was probably no easy task.
That's the thing right there. I know lots of brainy type people but none of them could whip up so much as the web shooters on their own. As for the webbing in TASM, it's not like he COMPLETELY stole it. He piggy backed on someone else's work and developed his own web. That still takes a highly intelligent mind to pull off. Never mind that mind belongs to a teenager with the resources of his basement science kit.

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