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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
If he kept asking questions to the prisoner, I think he would've found out. It would be quite laughable to know that that one drug-addicted doctor who took care of Talia and her mother when they were in prison never knew Talia was a girl, lol. Finding out Ra's had a child, who he knew was the mercenary from the story and finding out the child was a girl in the Pit...Bruce is a smart man and that's a simple 2+2=4 kind of thing.

You would think, at some point, it was going to be part of the plan other reasoning for Talia to sleep with the enemy. And all that hurt that was shown when Talia did finally reveal herself. I always assumed it was part of the plan, but the timing of making the reveal in City Hall wasn't.
Well, I think the other idea behind seducing him was to soften him up to be broken by Bane. She also tries to tempt him to fly away on her jet with her, and I'd imagine if he went for it they'd have taken him straight to the Pit.

But I agree, Bruce might have found out more in the prison if he kept digging.

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