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Default Re: The Official Valiant Comics Thread

In one issue of Harbinger (#6) Kris is a much more 3 dimensional character than she ever was in the entirety of the previous volume. Zephyr has also been reinvented quite well in terms of how she reflects the sheltered types that stay getting babied by mommy and are sometimes even home schooled when it comes to today's youth.

An interesting departure from her emo self which was more reflective of 90's youth last volume. Like a lot of sheltered kids she also is an optimist and holds a naive outlook on the world that rings pretty true. Proving that Valiant remains the one comic company that TRULY feels like the world outside your window as opposed to the big 2.

Shadowman despite changes like not making Boniface a jazz musician seems to be taking an interesting James Robinson Starman like approach with the legacy aspect in this volume that is serving it well. Archer & Armstrong keeps getting better by the issue and so does X-O Manowar. Bloodshot has also had a much more interesting approach this go round than the previous volume ever did.

Valiant 2.0 rocks the casbah. Forget the New 52 or Marvel Now (which I'm avoiding like the plague like I do most Marvel comics) THIS is the best relaunch ever.

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