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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

I think Nolan changed history a bit to give Batman a longer career than it appeared he had from Batman Begins to the end of The Dark Knight.

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
I can take the 8 year absence, but there are some hints out there that Batman may have existed after Dark Knight until the Dent Act was made official or at least more than a year or two in total.

I guess i agree with The Joker on the facts he presents, but at the same time..there are some great points made by ThePhantasm and Anno Domini...

There's some **** that makes you raise an eyebrow, like that line from Ras to Bruce in that hallucination, to Alfred telling Bruce in the batcave "You haven't been down here in a long time", to Blake calling it the "last confirmed sighting of the Batman", to The Dark Knight Manual (canon or not) saying that there was a 3 year gap between BB & TDK. When we are led to believe there has been about a year only...between the two movies.

We know Bruce Wayne has been a recluse for 3 years leading up to The Dark Knight Rises. And the script says it was 5 years of Bruce dealing with the Energy project before abandoning it. But the number five is not confirmed in the film. There's a vague aspect to it all, including when Batman hung up his cape/cowl. It's common sense that the Dent Act would take a while to get going right? And the emphasis on the line "last confirmed sighting" is suspicious. There could be loads of unconfirmed sightings of the Batman that the police never wrote down...a citizen here, or a criminal there. It truly doesn't matter what the criminal says because it's unconfirmed if it's by word of mouth from a non-trustworthy criminal. As ThePhantasm says (i think it was you anyway).

"I saw him i swear! It was the Bat who left me in this alley!".... "Yeaaah yeaah more fairytales, the Batmans been missing for almost a year now. That psychopath aint gonna show his face around these parts again. Get in the car scumbag". Conjecture yes, but i can see something like this going down between a cop and some thug.

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