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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Yah, I'm still leaning on Bruce not having fully retired at least until the Dent Act became law. It just doesn't add up to Bruce telling Gordon Batman wasn't needed and that they won when they didn't REALLY win until the Dent Act probably became law. Other than that, did they really win with Joker being taken down and Maroni dead? That's as much of an accomplishment as Batman Begins with Batman having stopped Ra's al Ghul and gotten Carmine Falcone off the streets. They didn't truly win until the Dent Act sent away the rest of the mob, imo.

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
I wasn't a fan of the fact that Batman only went against the villains seen in the movie. Although I guess thats all that counts anyways. It would have been fun to imagine he battled other rogues in between the films, but then again, it would only be in our imaginations anyways. I took it that Batman went into retirement right after Dent's death. I figured if he was going around solving crimes, it would kinda go against the sacrifice he was making. I guess the only time Batman could have been out and about with other rogues would have been between BB and TDK as "Crane and the other inmates from Arkham" were free. Guess there was no love for another Zasz cameo along the way
This can be said for any CBM. Fans would love to know a hero took down other villains not seen or heard of in said film, but as you said, it would be all imagination, lol, unless we ever got comics as prequels to said films, or how we were given the unofficial sequel to Batman Begins/prequel to The Dark Knight with Gotham Knight.

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